Website support plans for WordPress sites

As a busy business owner, you don’t have the time or the brain space to make sure your WordPress website is running smoothly and performing at its peak. Your time is best spent focusing on growing your business.

We offer WordPress website maintenance packages and monthly website support plans for businesses based in Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula and all across Australia. We look after our clients long after their new website has been completed because customer service ranks number one on our priority list.

Yep, we’re in for the long haul.

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Benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance

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Website Maintenance Melbourne


What do our monthly maintenance packages include?

Weekly WordPress updates
We’ll manage and maintain weekly WordPress software updates to keep your website performing at its best (Premium and Platinum packages only).

Weekly Plugin updates
We’ll make sure your WordPress plugins are up to date for maximum site performance (Premium and Platinum packages only).

Weekly Theme updates
We’ll update your themes to ensure smooth running of your website (Premium and Platinum packages only).

Monthly Maintenance Report
We’ll send you a monthly report detailing every software update and we also include a Google Analytics summary. This summary gives you insight into your website’s overall Google performance.

100 Keyword rankings
When you opt for the Premium or Platinum package, you can choose up to 100 keywords to get your rankings on Google to give you an idea of how well your website is performing in the search engines.

Broken Link checker
Our Platinum package includes the Broken Link Checker so you’ll never have to worry about website visitors clicking on a link that doesn’t go anywhere or is broken.

Australian-based website hosting
Website speed and reliability are increasingly important to rank high on Google. We offer a dedicated Australian-based server to host your website for optimum performance as part of the Platinum package.

Website changes
Add fresh content to your website on a regular basis without having to touch your site. We’ll upload images, PDFs, newsletters or make text changes to your website for either 30 minutes or one hour per month. Please note, there’s no rollover for this option and it only applies to the Premium and Platinum packages.

Our monthly WordPress website maintenance packages


  • Monthly software updates
  • Monthly maintenance report

Premium Package

  • Weekly software updates
  • Monthly maintenance report
  • 100 keywords rankings
  • Malware Scanning
  • 30 min Website changes (no rollover)

Platinum Package

  • Weekly software updates
  • Monthly maintenance report
  • 100 keywords rankings
  • Malware scanning
  • Broken link checker
  • 1 hour Website changes (no rollover)
  • Monthly hosting (inc. backups)
  • SSL Certificate

Important bits and pieces

  • Prices include GST.
  • We need you to give us login access so we can work on your site(s).
  • Some themes may not be compatible with the latest WordPress version, which means we may not be able to update your particular theme.
  • Some plugins aren’t free and there’ll be an additional fee to purchase the plug-in upgrade.
  • Migration costs may apply if you’re hosted with another provider.
  • To upload a new blog, we’ll ask you to supply the blog content, keywords and meta description.
  • Support is paid for in advance.

What WordPress package is best for my business?

You’re after monthly software updates and a monthly maintenance report including a Google Analytics summary. The Starter package is the obvious choice.

Contact us today to kick off your package.

Your priority is to keep your website performing at its best but you also want to know how well your site is ranking for keywords. Search engine optimisation or SEO is important to you and your aim is to improve your rankings.

Malware scanning is also included and you’ll have 30 minutes per month for minor website changes. The Premium package is the option to go for.
Call us on 1300 566 533 or complete our enquiry form.

Website performance is on the top of your list so Australia-based web hosting is the obvious choice as it’s faster than offshore hosting. Speed also impacts your ranking ability and you want to tick all the boxes to get your site ranking as high as possible. Malware scanning and an SSL certificate are included to keep your website safe and sound.

In addition, you have the flexibility of having images, PDFs or text uploaded on a regular basis, up to 1 hour per month, without you having to touch your website. We designed the Platinum package just for you.

Get in touch or give us a ring on 1300 566 533 to give your website the best chance of ranking on Google.

Frequently asked questions

Please give us a on 1300 566 533 to get the ball rolling. We’ll send you a monthly maintenance plan contract to make sure you know exactly what’s included and how much it will cost.

Absolutely. Give us a ring on 1300 566 533 and we’ll discuss the best options for your business.

An outdated website is more likely to be hacked and you could also be missing out on exciting new features that make your website more user friendly, which has an impact on Google rankings.

No, it doesn’t. A detailed report on keyword rankings is an optional extra that’s part of the Premium and Platinum packages. You can pick up to 100 keywords for which you would like to see your ranking on Google.

Updating your website gallery, uploading a PDF or newsletter, making changes to website text and any other minor changes that take less than 30 minutes for the Premium package and up to one hour for the Platinum package.

You’ve probably had the annoying experience of clicking on a website link which doesn’t work or tells you the page no longer exists. If this happens on your site, you end up with an unhappy website visitor who might never return to your website. Broken link checker makes sure this doesn’t happen, ensuring a great user experience.

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