Our Hosting Package For Your Business

The hosting provider we use operates within Australia and offers a 24/7 Support Helpdesk.  Backups are done externally nightly and retained for 1 week.  We recommend that you do regular backups of your site, using either Backup Buddy for a WordPress site, or using our R1soft option which will do backups, daily, weekly, monthly and annually.  Having an offsite backup provides extra protection for your investment.

Please Note:

We cannot guarantee that your website will not be attacked by a hacker.  This is why it is very important that you backup your site regularly and ensure that you have an offsite backup as well. 

Email Setup

We can setup email accounts in Microsoft Outlook or Mail, to save you time doing it yourself.  The standard email addresses we setup for most small businesses are pop email addresses.  A pop email address is not synced with other devices that you own.  For example if you have your email account setup on an iPad and a laptop and deleted an email from your lap top, it would not be automatically deleted off your iPad.

Web Design By The Bay can include setting up signatures to make your business stand out and look professional, when they set up your pop email address on your computer.

Our Hosting package does include Webmail.  This means that if you are not in the office you can still access your emails.

Web Design By The Bay

Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange allows your iPhone, computer and iPad to be in Sync with Outlook or Mail (if you are using an Apple computer).

SSL Certificates

When you purchase a hosting plan, we recommend that you install a security certificate (SSL certificate), particularly if your website is a shopping cart.  This way customers feel safe when they are making a purchase from your website.

Since 2017, the Chrome web browser is displaying all web sites that do not have SSL certificates as unsafe.