WordPress hosting for your website

We offer both Managed and Non Managed WordPress Website Hosting.

What is Managed WordPress hosting?

Managed hosting not only provides hosting for your website, but also manages the WordPress software. ie. WordPress/Website theme/ Plugins. We check/update your software weekly, and provide you with a monthly report of all work completed.

Our hosting provider operates within Australia.  Regular backups and a ssl security certificate for non shopping cart websites are all part of our hosting package.

Our managed hosting package is 4GB of Memory.  Should your website hosting space increase, then we will inform you in writing and if necessary you may need to go onto an upgraded plan.

Email Setup

We recommend using Office 365 for your emails, rather than using POP emails.  This way all your emails are synced on all your devices.  Office 365 will free up space on your website server and is easier to configure, particularly when you buy a new device, eg. new laptop, or new mobile phone. Please note that the cost of Office 365 emails are not included as part of your website package.

Web Design By The Bay can include setting up signatures to make your business stand out and look professional, once your Office 365 account has been set up.

Web Design By The Bay

Why is it important to have a WordPress managed hosting package?

It’s so important these days, to protect your website investment to ensure your website doesn’t get hacked.

Our WordPress managed hosting package takes the worry out of updating your website software.

Our services include software updates, hardware updates, a maintenance report showing all updates done during the month, and much much more.

99% of businesses say they will do their own updates, but don’t get around to doing them.

Hosting inclusions

2GB Memory

200% CPU Allowance

5GB storage

How do I sign up

Schedule an online meeting with us to discuss your requirements by calling 1300 566 553

What do our managed hosting packages include?

Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Hourly Acronis Backups
  • Free migration of your website
  • Every website has a ssl certificate installed
  • Lite Speed server
  • Lite Speed Cache
  • Theme updates (weekly)
  • Plugin updates (weekly)
  • WordPress updates (weekly)
  • Monthly maintenance report
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

SSL certificates

When you purchase a hosting plan, we install a free security certificate (SSL certificate) for your site.  If your website is a shopping cart website we recommend using a paid ssl certificate.

Since 2017, the Chrome web browser is displaying all web sites that do not have SSL certificates as unsafe.

Payment Terms

Payments for Monthly and annual hosting plans are strictly 7 days. Payments that are are overdue by 3 weeks will have their hosting suspended until payment has been made.

Frequently asked questions

Transferring a WordPress website to our hosting is free of charge.