How to create a Google My Business Page

Google My Business replaces the old Google Places feature.  A Google My Business page is what appears when you search for a local business in Google.  Eg.  searching in Google for “cafe Mornington”.  It is a box (knowledge graph) with 3 local listings, plus sometimes a Google Ad listing.

It is important that every business has one, as appearing in local searches is another way of ranking well in Google.

To create your own Google My Business page. First you will need a Google account.  To create a Google account, go to your web browser, eg. Safari, and type in

Once you have filled in your data, and created your Google account.  Open a new window in your web browser and type in and then click the green “Start Now” link.  You will be asked a number of questions regarding your business.  Eg.  Business Name, address, phone number, email address etc..   Once you have entered all your data, you will be sent a verification code in the post.  This usually takes 6 business days to arrive.  The verification code can then be used to validate your listing, so that it will start showing in Google.

Google My Business Page Package

Don’t have time to create a GMB page yourself?  Then give us a call on 1300 566 553 and we can arrange to do this for you.

Google My Business Page

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